Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Music For Aardvarks?
Music For Aardvarks is a rocking and rolling music and movement program for children 5 months to 5 years old and their actively participating grown-up! Our classes are a highly interactive, dynamic, FUN experience for both you and your child.

How long is a semester?
Fall semesters are (typically) 10-12 weeks long, Winter & Spring semesters are 10 weeks, and Summer semesters are 8 weeks.

How much do classes cost?
Please go to our classes page to see current tuition pricing.  Your class is led by 2 people - a teacher & a back-up musician, and you also get a CD of original Music For Aardvarks music each semester!  

Can I make-up a missed class?
Yes! You can make-up up to two missed classes per semester, and they must be completed by the end of the session. Please be aware that once you schedule a makeup, we do not allow anyone else to schedule one in that class, so makeups cannot be rescheduled if missed!

Can I bring a guest to class?
Yes! Adult guests such as grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles, friends are always welcome. We ask that you please limit the total number of adults you bring to any class to two. If you would like to bring more than two adults, email us at to check availability.

Unregistered child guests may attend, subject to availability, for $30 per class. Please email us at least 48 hours in advance if you wish to bring an unregistered child guest!

What do I do if my child gets an instrument slobbery, sticky, or otherwise just plain yucky??
We have ample Sani-Hands for Kids wipes available in all our studios. If your child (or another child in the class) tastes something, please wipe it off before returning it to the basket. We really try to work as a team in this regard – if you see something get yucky, even if it’s not your child doing the yucking, give it a wipe!

Can I take pictures/video in class?
We ask that you refrain from recording video or audio of our classes, but you are welcome to take a few pictures of your child in action. Please take care to not disrupt the class in doing so, and remember, your number one role in class is as a participant! Also please keep in mind that many families might prefer to not have images of themselves or their children posted to social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

I can’t sing/I have the worst voice/I’m tone deaf… I’m not going to have to sing in class, am I?
We like to think of ourselves as pretty good singers, but we 100% do not want to be singing alone in class!! The most fun classes are always the ones where grownups sing out – no matter what you think your voice sounds like, your singing and participation is THE most important thing. You are the model for your child: sing loud!

What if my child doesn’t participate?
Every child is different; we have absolutely no expectations of them or their level of participation. It is important that they feel comfortable in class: even if they’re not singing along or playing exactly how we are playing, they are still taking everything in. Your child may sing and play loudly at home but not feel comfortable doing so in class… That’s OK!!

Your child also may not necessarily want to sit still in the circle when we are… That’s OK, too! We only ask that you intervene if your child is playing or moving in a way that might endanger him or herself or others.

Can I chat with my friends while class is going on?
Your teacher and backup musician are working very(!) hard to engage the children and maintain their focus during class, and believe it or not the biggest hurdle is often conversation between grownups!

We don’t expect or want you to maintain silence during class, after all it is supposed to be fun! We do request that you keep conversations with other adults short, and remain engaged with your child and the teacher. It makes such a tremendous difference!

Can I pleeeeease bring this coffee/cookie/pretzels into the studio?
Sorry, but we cannot allow any food or drinks besides water in our studio. We work hard to keep our studios as clean and comfortable as possible.

Class types:

Mixed Age classes are for children 5 months to 5 years and are 45 minutes long. Classes are very interactive and are lead by a teacher and a back-up musician. We use lots of child-friendly instruments and props in class and we encourage participation from the children in whatever way they can. There is no right or wrong way for them to enjoy the music. We incorporate a lot of movement in class, so be ready for some big time fun with your little one! All children must attend with an actively participating grown-up.

Old Schoolers is a special class designed with the 3-4 year old child in mind. This class is for children who have been with us (or another Aardvarks program if you are just moving here) for at least 1 to 2 semesters (Aardvark veterans!) and they are ready for even more musical exploration and expression as a group. Children at this age can and want to contribute more to the class as they learn, grow and engage in singing, dancing, instrument playing, and large movement activities. Expect even more exciting musical fun as we let all of our imaginations soar! Children must attend with an actively participating adult. Parents who have asked us to add this kind of class, please keep in mind we are aware you may have younger siblings. While the class will be focused on the older children, we will be flexible and allow for some younger siblings if needed. Also keep in mind all 3-4 year old children are welcome and encouraged to join our Mixed Age classes if that is what works best with your schedule.